An Introduction to the Company (About Us)


One of the requirements for achieving social and economical development and growth is to propel national capital to the civil activities. However, a most important capital index of a country is its specialist manpower.

With respect to the importance of strong presence of the private sector, Behin Arkan Ab Company was registered in the Companies Registration Office in Tehran on 1383/4/16 by the number 16297. The aim of the company is to organize active and specialist labors to perform a variety of engineering services in different civil projects.

The company executives have worked more than 10 years in a large number of civil projects of private and governmental companies; as a result, they enjoy unique experiences in construction of towers, concrete and metal constructions, and earthfill dams as well as heavy concrete buildings ranging from concrete dams, to hydropower plants, to water transmission tunnels.

All in all, they established Behin Arkan Ab Company to organize and utilize specialists' capabilities in order to take new and big steps on the path of their professional responsibilities.

Regarding the successful performance of civil projects according to contracts, Behin Arkan Ab Company     was    promoted to the grades 3 in building and construction, 4 in facility and equipment, and 5 in water and 5 in roads and transport.

They hope that with the help of God and relying on their specialists' valuable experiences as well as benefit from the support on organizations and honorable employers, they can, as in the past, perform valuable services in order to develop the country.