Mashhad  Complex Administrative Building Construction Project Has Been Executed in khorasan razavi  Province at mashhad City. This Project included The Establishment Of About 8000 m² Administrative Building and Needed Sites Development Was Fulfilled and Exploited in Time .

Structure Of This Project is Steel Structure With Bending Frame and Composite Slab Floor. This Structure was Executed in a Precast Factory With All Of The Required Welding Test.

In Addition The Mechanical and Electrical installations For Building Constructed which Accordinding to Employer Opinion Was Selected The Most Advanced and The Most Complete Equipments , Were Purchased and Were installed and were Operated by The Experts Of This Company .

  • Category : BUILDING
  • Type : Company
  • Province : khorasan razavi
  • City : mashhad
  • Year : 2019

Employer: Iran Insurance Company-Administration Of Construction and Equipment